Fords Unlimited Past Events / 2015 Patriots in the Park Car Show

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On July 5th, our club traveled to Granite City for the Patriots in the Park car show. Our caravan stared a little rocky and only got worse. First, we left our meeting place and managed to leave Craig and Cally Brayton behind which meant they were not able to join us for breakfast at the Apple Tree restaurant.

Then, before leaving, our caravan location, our leader (I won’t mention any names, but his initials are “Jerry Grimmer”) told us all to exit at 203 and go south, just past the railroad overpass. When we got to Highway 3, our leader exited. Fortunately, Jim Van Nest came to rescue and kept going straight to the proper exit. We made it to Apple Tree before our leader who was apparently touring beautiful downtown Granite City.

The good news is that the show was held on a weekend that had no rain in the forecast. This was the first weekend since April 11th that had no rain in the forecast. The day was humid and a little warm, but it was great to not be dodging raindrops.

The show had about 80 entries and our club had 16 of them. Most of us were able to park in the shade and 10 of our members went home with a trophy plaque.

22015 Patriots in the Park Car Show