Fords Unlimited Past Events / 27th Annual Car Show

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Culivers Cruise photoAlthough we are use to record setting temperatures at our car show, they are usually on the hot side. Our 2013 car show was blessed with a record setting low temp of 56 degrees in the morning and topped out at 83 degrees in the afternoon. This fared well for our July 28th, 27th annual car show.

Our show week starts on the preceding Wednesday with a car show meeting at the park. That night we go over our check lists to make sure that we are not forgetting anything. Amazingly, we had 19 members in attendance that night. We finish the evening with a trip to Bandana’s for a late dinner.

On the Saturday eve of the show, we hold a BBQ at the park. That night, we stuff goody bags, preregister our cars and trucks and feast on the burgers, hot dogs and all of the great side dishes and deserts that were brought by our members. This has become a tradition that we all seem to enjoy.

The morning of the show we gather at 6:30 am to start setting up. It takes of many members to make this work and it is always amazing how well the set-up goes. Our first problem was that we were not going to be able to move the bolted down picnic tables at our main pavilion. Several of our members came up with a quick plan B and the newer set -up actually worked better than what we had been doing in the past. Even though registration starts at 8:30 am, people start showing up at 7 am and things were non-stop the rest of the day.

Culivers Cruise photoOur show proved to be the second largest that we have ever had with 282 entrees. Our largest show had 286 entrees. The late model "Muscle Mustang” classes continue to be the fastest growing segment of our show with 114 entrees, but with the 282 entrees, we had at least a car in every class, and then some. Over the years we always seem to have an unusual entry at our show. This year we had two. To the best of my knowledge, we have never had a Granada but we had one this year. We also had a Panoz in our Exotic class. To be honest, I’m really not sure what it was but it was made of all Ford parts.

This was the 20th year that we have held the Fairlane Club of America Mini-Meet. Thanks to George and Tom Adams, we had one of our largest turnouts.

Many of the local clubs were in attendance but the club participation award of $50 was won by our friends with the Mustang Club of St. Louis who had 24 Mustangs entered. They generously donated their winnings back to our club to be used for our toy drive.

This year we had three raffles to benefit our toy drive for Toys for Tots. Thanks to Jack Anderson, we had four premium Cardinal baseball tickets to raffle. Thanks to Ken Farrar, we had a $500 certificate for a suspension kit and we had our usual 50-50 drawing. We profited a grand total of $719 to support our holiday fundraiser.

The success of our show would not be possible with the support of our sponsors. Dave Sinclair Ford’s sponsorship provides the basis that makes things possible. Ron Schodroski is responsible for this. Our class sponsors help with so many of the expenses of our show. Most people have no idea of the cost to provide such a topnotch car show. We thank them all. There are so many people to thank for the success of our show and I’m sure that I will miss someone.

Culivers Cruise photoShow chairman Jim Biermann and his crew did their usual great job of planning. Jeff Hohl, Bill Giese, Terry Koch and the rest of their crew kept things moving at classification. The show day "office” was being held down by Cindy Ahrens. Nothing important happens that doesn’t go though Cindy. Jack Greiwe and his truck proved so valuable as usual. Our registration ladies included Judy Biermann, Barb Dennis, Sharon Schodroski, and Carolyn Sutorius. Our concessions were taken over by Sharon Apollo, Ken Farrar, the Giese’s and the Biermanns. Being their first year, they had no previous information to fall back on but it all worked out well. Ron Schodroski and his crew kept the burgers and dogs coming. The Mauzy’s got their first time duties at concessions as did young Jocelyn Layton and others. Our pavilion crew of Donna Layton and Syl Biermann kept things moving along nicely. Vern Anderson and Ken Farrar manned the raffle and membership table. Terry Koch and Kenny Simms provided the needed in-show transportation. Cindy Ahrens and Jeff Hohl have perfected our ballot counting and had it completed by 3:40 pm. The "Voice of Fords Unlimited”, Syl Biermann, did his usual masterful job at trophy presentation.

Thanks go out to these members and families along with all of those who sold show classes, helped set-up, parked cars, worked concessions, counted ballots and helped clean up after the show. This was one of our best shows! Now it’s time to start planning next years show.