Fords Unlimited Past Events / Mustang Stampede 2013

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Wow, what a weekend. With tornado’s, high winds and buckets of rain on Friday night, it was a crazy start for the weekend. But the show must go on and our club attended the Mustang Stampede that was presented by the Show-Me Mustang Club at Pundmann Ford in St. Charles. We started with four members meeting at the First Capitol QT in the rain, but things actually got better as the rain stayed away for the most part. Unfortunately, the threatening weather kept the attendance down.

As the day went on, more of our members arrived and we ended up with eleven members entering their cars and trucks. This was enough for our club to take home the $50 club participation money which will be donated to our toy drive. It was a clean sweep for our folks as each member took home a plaque. Bill Bauer even won two prizes in the basket raffle.

Our hearts go out to the Show-Me club. It’s tough when you work so long on a show only to have Mother Nature put a damper on it.

2013 Mustang Stampede