Fords Unlimited Past Events / Show-Me-Show 2014

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The Show Me Mustang Club held their all Ford show at Pundmann Ford in St. Charles on August 2nd. As always, nice weather brings out lots of cars and that day was no exception. Our club brought 26 cars and trucks and won club participation which we donated back to their charity. The awards were listed as gold, silver and bronze. Eighteen of our members did manage to take home a plaque. Members in attendance include Reg Stockwell (bronze), John Bonness, Dave Sgroi (bronze), Dan Tanner, Paula Goodrich (bronze), Vern Anderson (gold), Dan Kelly (silver), Matt Simms (silver), John Sullivan (bronze), Jerry Grimmer (silver), Mark Plackemeier (bronze), Ken Farrar (gold), Mark Carey (bronze), Jake Turnipseed (bronze), Syl Biermann (bronze), Jim Biermann (gold), Bill Bauer (silver), Jack Greiwe, Josh Johnson (silver), Steve Dennis, Brian Burger (gold), Duck and Brigitte Steavenson (silver), Willy and Mary Cole (silver),