Fords Unlimited Past Events / Warm Springs 2013

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On May 4th, our club headed to Cooper County Missouri to tour the Warm Springs Ranch, the breeding home of the Budweiser Clydesdales. It is in a beautiful part of Missouri - over 350 acres of rolling hills and miles of white fence. In the distance you could see some of the yearlings. We were greeted warmly by the staff and each given a rubber wrist band that we could keep. Then we drove our cars down to the barns. Warm Spring Ranch is amazing from the moment you arrive at the gate.

It is a beautiful country setting right off interstate 70, so is was very easy to find. All the guides and ranch staff are very knowledgeable and personable. The Clydesdales are all very friendly and seem to like the attention from visitors. Even the foals came to the fence line so we could pet them and take pictures. The ranch is the cleanest working ranch you will ever visit and the landscaping is beautiful. The tour took just over an hour. It is a very easy walking tour with level surfaces. The tour guide explained the breeding a n d transporting processes for the horses. The babies stay at Warm Springs for two years . They are used to being handled a lot and also used to seeing lots of peopl.

On site they have some of the semi trailers that travel with the horses. One trailer is for the equipment - just one of the harness, halter etc can be worth $100,000!

As usual there is an offer of Budweiser beer at the conclusion of the tour, of which we did partake. We also had additional time to take pictures with the horses.

Since it was going to be difficult to find a restaurant on a Saturday afternoon to accommodate over 60 people, we all headed to various restaurants in Boonville or Columbia for lunch.

The weather was cool but the rain stayed away, and the tour was a great way to spend a day. Special thanks go out to Bill and Barb Giese for setting up our very successful tour.

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