Fords Unlimited Awards Banquet Feb 2011


Typical winter cold greeted our members families on Saturday, January 15th for our club's annual Awards Banquet. That night we awarded the winners of the Points competition, introduced our new board of directors, feasted on a great buffet, and thanked all of those who did so much to make 2010 go so well. What a great way to start off our upcoming year.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Our 2010 Board of Directors was introduced and thanked for all of their work. From the left, they include Eric Hohl, Mark Carey, Cindy Ahrens, Bill Giese, and Syl Biermann.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Our evening started with a buffet fit for a king. With plenty of chicken, beef and all of the side dishes, no one went home hungry.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Our 2011 Board of Directors was introduced. This years leadership includes both rookies and veterans.

They include from left; Trenton Kreder, Bill Giese, Kenny Simms, Mark Carey, and Syl Biermann.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

The room was set up for 80 people and was mostly filled. Over the years, some of the kids that used to come are now in leadership roles. Jim Biermann is now car show chairman and Eric Hohl was recently on our board of directors.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Known as the "Voice of Fords Unlimited", Syl Biermann does such a great job of making our club look so professional, not only at the banquet but at our car show as well.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

As usual, there were plenty of attendance prizes and everyone went home with something.

We thank Syl and Jim Biermann and Cindy Ahrens for doing all of the shopping.

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The evening would not be complete without a club cake. Lots of calories to finish up a great evening.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Honored for their ongoing work for our club were from left; Dale Wojtkowski (web-site), Cindy Ahrens (secretary), Bob Layton (newsletter) and Mark Lazzareschi, not present (newsletter).

Fords Unlimited Awards photoUnable to control his excitement, our car show chairman, Jim Biermann "meditated" during some of the proceedings.
Fords Unlimited Awards photoPoints winners from 6th through 10th include from left; Terry Koch (10th), Dale Wojtkowski (9th), Jack Greiwe (7th), Ken Farrar (tie 8th), and Bill Bufka (6th). Not present was Jim Kinzel who tied for 8th place. These winners received an Applebee's gift card.

Fords Unlimited Awards photoPoints winners from 3rd through 5th include Jeff Hohl (5th), Ron Schodroski (4th), Jim Biermann (3rd).

These winners received a framed certificate, club shirt, and a gift certificate.

Fords Unlimited Awards photos

Winning the "Neal Ketchum Memorial Award" for first place was Bart McNail. Coming in second was Bob Layton. Both won a plaque, gift certificate, dues paid. Bart also won $50 and Bob a club shirt.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Having no problem showing his excitement was Devin Enochs who took home the $50 grand attendance prize.

Devin is the grandson of Jack and Lynda Greive.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Our 50-50 winners include from left; Chris Reichenberg (3rd), Gary Burch (2nd), and Don Hricko (1st).

They all took home shares of the $262 50-50 pot.

Fords Unlimited Awards photo

Donna Layton made up a basket for 4th place in the 50-50 drawing. Jeff Dugo won this soft sided cooler filled with Coke glasses and of course, bottles of Coke.



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