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Yeah, the show that never was. For the first time in a quarter of a century, 34 years, the Ford Unlimited Car Club did not have a car show.

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There was more work into setting up this show than any show in our history. Despite many face to face meetings with our show chairman and our board of directors, there were several email meetings a week to address all of the obstacles that we had encountered.

The St. Louis County Parks Department had placed many requirements that had to be addressed to ensure the health and safety of our show participants, spectators, and our own members. We had no problem with this but it did add a significant amount of work to the show.

Most importantly, some of our problems dealt with loss of sponsorship. Although Bommarito Ford and Sinclair Ford came through with some sponsorship funds and Ed Akers of Farmers Insurance also came through for us, funds would have been limited. Some of our members were able to sell some classes to our long time sponsors and Northern Tool supplied us with many nice items for our silent auction that was to benefit The BackStoppers Other members also chipped in with items, but all was in vane.

One of the main concerns was having enough workers for the show. Many of our members have underlying health issues and had said that they would not be able to help this year and this was surely understandable. What made this more of a problem was many of these trained volunteers held positions at the show that were needed for the success of the show and would have been difficult to replace. Some of our members who did volunteered, probably shouldn’t have due their health concerns.

Fortunately, our forward thinking show committee had the foresight to leave the sponsors name and the date off of the trophies. Although they still say 34th annual, we will be able to use them next year, saving us several thousand dollars.

Thankfully, the food and drinks had not be ordered so we saved that cost. We were also able to cancel our order for the Porta Potty and for the golf carts, also saving money.

Cancelling the show was heart wrenching for our show committee. At a meeting a couple of weeks before the show, they discussed the pro’s and con’s of having the show. The decision had to made as difficult as it was.

For what it’s worth, the St. Louis County Parks let us use our current payment for next years show that will be held on July 25th, 2021. This also insures the normal date for our show, the last weekend in July.

Unfortunately, losing the funds generated from a successful car show will impact most of our donations and limit support for our members on things like the banquet. The August 23rd club cruise is still on the schedule but may be cancelled. Check before heading out.

This has been a difficult pill to swallow, but helping to stop the pandemic is much more important than a car show.

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