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Please be advised that all club activities for the month of May have been canceled. The Stay at Home order has been extended by St. Louis City and St. Louis County thru the middle of May which includes our meeting. Had this not been done the board would not have called a meeting anyway as we do not feel comfortable asking people to gather at this time. There really isn’t anything that important at a car meeting to endanger ones health. So stay safe for now and we will see you in June.

In the board’s opinion at the time of this newsletter publication, we are maintaining the present schedule for the car show. That includes the club membership activities leading up to and to surrounding our 34th Annual Car Show. Due to the financial crisis in the automotive industry it is doubtful we will be receiving any sponsorship assistance this year but we will be able to fund the show ourselves with some adjustments being made. Hopefully we will have a June meeting but in the meantime your board is working on club business thru daily emails. Should circumstances that are beyond the control of your Board of Directors modify or change that plan/ direction club members will be notified as soon as possible.

Lastly we would like to encourage you to support JJ’s restaurant with a carry out order which can be made by phone or on line. It is very likely that some Mom and Pop businesses may not survive this ordeal and we need to do what we can to be sure JJ’s in not one of them. They have been very good to this club and we need to return the favor as much as possible. So treat yourself and have a JJ’s lunch or dinner or both! (And tell them you are from Fords Unlimited!)

Thank you, Board of Directors




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