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Board of Directors Elections

By now you have received a ballot for our 2019 election of our new board of directors members. You will vote for three only. The ballots must be mailed to P.O. Box 240201, Ballwin, Missouri 63024 and received by November 12th or you can bring them to our November membership meeting. The results will be available at the end of the meeting. Please do not black out your name on the ballot. A crew of members or spouses will handle the ballot counting. One member will stack the ballots address side up and give to the next person who will read the names to a third person who will then write them down. The address tags will then be blacked out. After that, a fourth person will turn the ballots over and read the ballots to the fifth person who will tally the votes. This way, no one will know who voted for who. There was a question on this in the past so we felt we should explain the procedure. As mentioned last month. This election is not a popularity contest. We need all of the BOD members to contribute. Many times in the past we have had 2 or 3 members who did the work and others who were just window dressing. As much of the board of directors work is now done by email, it is a necessity to have an email account to keep up with the weekly changes and updates. Monthly meetings are not enough any more. Our club had grown to the point that we need a dedicated board of directors to keep our club viable. We have been blessed with a great hard working board of directors this past several years and we need to continue down this path..

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