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The links supplied here I have gathered thru many years of web browsing, Many of these I have used and had good luck with but I can't garantee good service from all. Most NOS suppliers will research a part number for you. I will comment on the links I have used.


New Old Stock / New Sources


Parts Voice: This is by far the greatest resource for NOS parts - All you need is the PN!

Green Sales: has a large inventory of Ford NOS parts.

McDonalds Obsolete Parts : I have been satisfied with McDonalds for NOS also!

Miller Obsolete Parts : Believe it or not, I've also used these guys with success!! Helm offers brand new Ford Factory Shop Manuals!

Ford Parts Network: Good discounts and prompt delivery - I have used them serveral times.

Arnott Inc.: Arnott Industries is definitely where to get your LINCOLN AIR SUSPENSION parts from. You can completely rebuild your system for a fraction of the dealer cost.


Reproduction & Used Parts Lots of mid 60's stuff good source for info and repro parts

Kanter : Kanter offers a wide range of products : The only way to search for USED parts - This has saved me hundreds of $ and hours


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