Fords Unlimited Past Events / Immaculate Conception Car Show

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The last points event car show was held on October 13th at the Immaculate Conception Church car show held in Columbia, Illinois. As fall had finally arrived, we were met with a very cool morning. When one of the car parkers is wearing earmuffs, you know it’s cold. Considering the cold, the show did well with about 90 entries. The voting was unusual. The gave you 6 voting slips but you could buy more if you wanted, which means if you wanted a trophy bad enough, you could buy one, but what the heck, all of the profit went to the Knights of Columbus.

Our club did well with 11 of our 12 entries winning something but 12 cars only got us a 2nd place trophy in club participation. Our activities committee will review all of the club event shows from this year and revamp where necessary next year.

Immaculate Conception Car Show photo collage