Fords Unlimited Past Events / USO Donations

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As mentioned last month, we have increased our participation with support for the USO during the holiday season. It started at our October meeting where many of our members brought varied items to be distributed at the airport during the holidays. This information was supplied by Syl Biermann. “In addition to those generous club members, Scott and Lynette Lewis matched the club's $500 donation with another $500 to purchase food. Syl and Judy Biermann and Mark and Sandra Carey bought all the necessary non-perishable food for the seventy bags, (baskets as the USO called them), They met at the Biermann home one afternoon and filled each bag with nine items. All the "baskets" and the five checks that were made out to the USO were delivered at our appointed time on Monday, October 29th. The five checks were donations from Mike Lechwar, Jason Gould, Cyndi Trauernicht, Bill and Donna Bauer, and Steve and Virginia Schneider. Needless to say, the folks at the USO warehouse were extremely pleased to receive such a generous donation. Because we had about $62 remaining from the money used to buy the non-perishable food, the BOD's gave us another $38, so we can purchase $100 of snacks and cookies and donate that to the USO for use during the Christmas season. This club truly has very generous people as members and this outpouring of support certainly reflects that!

USO Donations photo collage