Fords Unlimited Car Club

The Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Auto Club of St Louis, Missouri


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Fords Unlimited Car Club is an organization with approximately 120 members that is registered with the state of Missouri as a Non-Profit corporation. 

Fords Unlimited Car Club fulfills this obligation with our extensive amount of donations to charitable causes and groups for an organization our size. Over the past five years we have donated approximately $22,700 to The Backstoppers, Toys for Tots, The Kaufman Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Heroes Care, St. Jude’s Hospital, Alzheimer’s Organization, and the USO just to name just a few. We support all charity car shows with our attendance and a donation also. We like to believe our giving back to the community is just another reason for our longevity. We believe that giving back while enjoying our collective hobby is the thing to do.

Partner with us and decide how you and your company can help us help others in the community while also helping your business build a stronger brand through meaningful relationships.

Bonus: Fords Unlimited is a Non-profit (ID# N00041523). Your Partnership is Tax Deductible as an Advertising Expense.

Partnership Levels

Falcon/Bronco II Level

$100 Per Year

Partnership Benefits: Inclusion in the FUCC website partnership listing for 1 yr. (this would be a general filler page on the website with a one-line listing on this level sponsor. No logo or picture) Plus: inclusion on the back of the Show Flyer with the same one-line info and your firm will be included in the announcement made during the show. In addition: One class with a set of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies with have your company’s name on them.

Fairlane/Rancho Level

$500 Per Year

In addition to those benefits included at the Falcon/Bronco II level this partnership level includes the upgrades of your company’s address and contact information to the partnership listing on the FUCC website. Your firm’s name and contact information included the back of all FUCC Car Show promotional flyers. Also included at this level; we ask you to supply two (2) company 2’ x 3’ company posters that will be on display during the Car Show and your firm announced numerously during the show. So that our partnership is remembered by our show’s winners, this level includes four (4) additional set of trophies with your firm’s name. That’s five classes will have your company’s name on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

Taurus/Ranger Level

$1000 Per Year

At this level of partnership and in addition to all those partner benefits included at the Fairlane/Rancho level your firm will receive several more upgrades. Your company’s logo to the corners FUCC banners flown at the Car Show. Your firm’s name and logo will appear in a 2” x 2” page corner ad of every FUCC Newsletter of one year from date of partnership. Your firm will receive two (2) complimentary tickets to the FUCC Annual Banquet and their names will be introduced during the festivities. Your signage placed throughout the park and at the pavilion, and a designated area for your company’s promotional display booth alongside the pavilion. A full year of advertising in the club monthly newsletter. Any of your firms events, promotions or sales will be displayed on our Facebook page.

Mustang/F-150 Level

$2,000 Per Year

At this level of Partnership and in addition to all those partner benefits included at the Taurus/Ranger level your firm additional benefits. At this level of commitment to Fords Unlimited and the charities we support; your firm will be asked to make a presentation at one of the Club’s monthly general meetings. The Club will request your own (2 to 4) logoed banners that will be displayed at the park during our annual Car Show. Your firm will receive four (4) paid invitations to our Annual Banquet and be asked to make a short presentation on your company at the banquet.

GT40/Raptor Level

$5,000 Per Year

Your firm’s commitment to FUCC and the charities we support at this level of partnership and in addition to all those partner benefits included at the Mustang-Galaxy/F-150 level your firm additional benefits; Fords Unlimited will support one of your sales/public events during the year. The support will be by bringing 6 to 12 of our Top Prize-Winning Classic Cars/Trucks to your establishment or a company affair in support of your event! Additionally your firm’s logo will be proudly displayed in the Masthead Banner of our newsletter for one year.