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Since the first car show we have been always trying to find show sponsors. We were not much different than the local high school kids selling candy bars to purchase new band uniforms. We need to change that thinking and move forward. We no longer want sponsors we want partners that are willing to make longer commitments to Fords Unlimited. We need to create partnerships which will be mutually beneficial to both parties. This club has value which we need to present to any automotive and automotive related business. We are car people, we associate with car people. We, the FUCC, can be their path to potential customers. We need to stop asking businesses to buy a class sponsor for one show. We need to tell them what we can do for their business if they commit to becoming a partner with Fords Unlimited Car Club.

In the past few years when I have been out seeking sponsorships I was ask “What are your sponsorship tiers” twice. I had to answer “Well we don’t really have any but you can buy a class”. As our first step toward redeeming this situation and moving forward we have created five partnership tiers (again, no more sponsors) of varying financial comments ( $100 to $5,000 ). In exchange we, FUCC, have committed in writing the value they will be receiving in return.

Our key to success for this venture will be thru the use of our website and Facebook as that is where businesses are spending their advertising dollars. Of course none of this would be possible without the help of Scott Lewis and his people at Winning Technologies. Scott has his folks working on our stuff when they could be working clients he is billing! Kerstin, who manages our website, has created a very professional tri-fold flyer containing all information and even QR codes to take someone to the sponsor or joining page on our website. We will have those for you and the next meeting.

We realize this is going to be something different but a change was necessary as our old system of just selling a class has been failing us. We just didn’t know how badly until we reviewed the financial results from the last couple of shows. Prior to last year when we decreased the classes to 40 we had NEVER sold out all classes. Although we did sell all 40 last year it was to the same people who have bought classes for years. And to make matters worse over 70% were multiples which sold for $50. We ended up paying for them to advertise with us. However if there are people who only want to buy a class they will have that option. But our goal is not to sell a class but sell this club by making our value obvious.

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