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The Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Auto Club of St Louis, Missouri

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Wheels In Motion

On September 12th, members of our club supported the Wheels in Motion Day that was held at Westport Plaza. Proceeds from this event benefits children in their fight with cancer via The National Children’s Cancer Society. Sadly, the event was not well attended, even by our club. As usual, many signed up but most did not show up. Two of our members who could not attend sent donations with Mike Lechwar. We did have twelve cars registered and we donated $100 from our treasury. This was down from previous years but considering we lost our car show income last year, it was what we felt that we could afford. With our registration donations and the club’s donation, we were responsible for $380 in profit for the kids with cancer. Thanks to our members who supported this club event.

About the Club

Fords Unlimited Car Club was formed back in November of 1986. The club has evolved through friendship and camaraderie into a large group of people of all ages, who enjoy getting together to share stories, problems, plans and have fun with their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury products. Sign up if you’re interested in the preservation, history, enjoyment and use of Ford Motor Company as well.

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