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35th Annual Car Show Update July’s Newsletter Edition

That freight train call the Annual Car Show is heading straight towards us! Those lights in the tunnel

are now less than 40 days away from daylight!
Accomplishments to date include:
Permit issued and Insurance completed.
Restructuring of Classes down to 40

All Classes/Trophies paid for without major sponsor help.
Class location in the park and parking set, just needs verification.

Class and “Best Of “trophies are in hand.
Golf Carts are reserved.
Next tasks to complete

Concession food purchase, menu and pricing.

Beverage list and pricing.
Port-a-potty lease.

Layout Maps for Concessions, Registration, & Pavilion.

I can go into details on numbers of tasks needed to be accomplished for a successful Car Show; the
low number of volunteers we have to date signed up; and the fact we have a lot to accomplish for
the Show. People say members will appear on Show Day to work, don’t worry!

Well, that hasn’t happened the last two shows!

At this time including; Board Members, their families and those who signed the book at the meeting,

we have commitments from about 15% of our total membership to work the Car Show! That’s no-
where near enough. Go through the list of tasks below find something you feel you can do to help

make the show a success. Call one of the Board Members to add your name to the list for that activ-
ity. We will also be sending out a broadcast email to the entire membership with a similar request.

The following are the tasks needing workers. Find what you are willing to and would like to do to

make OUR show a success this year.

Volunteer and help make this a great show for Fords Unlimited and the Charities we help through

the year! Thank you!

Class Sign Installation
Dash Plaques Handout
Pavilion Setup/Remove
Concessions Cashiers
Concession Cashiers
Concession Servers
Concession Food Handlers
Ballot Counters
Raffle Sales
Silent Auction Sales
Pre-show BBQ Cooking
BBQ Set Up
BBQ Clean up
Parking Clean UP
Loading and taking show items
back to the storage locker

About the Club

Fords Unlimited Car Club was formed back in November of 1986. The club has evolved through friendship and camaraderie into a large group of people of all ages, who enjoy getting together to share stories, problems, plans and have fun with their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury products. Sign up if you’re interested in the preservation, history, enjoyment and use of Ford Motor Company as well.

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