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Knights of Columbus Car Show

Knights of Columbus Car Show

On a beautiful early October day, our club attended the K of C car show held at the Immaculate Conception Church in Columbia Illinois. Being in a rural area, seeing farm tractors is not an odd occurrence but when was the last time you saw a half-track at a car show.

This article could not have been possible without the help of our members. Dennis McBee supplied the information listed below and the photos were taken by Dennis, Paula Goodrich and Rich Garavaglia. Thanks.

“Eight of our club members met at the parking lot of Des Peres hospital off Dougherty Ferry Road between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. A security guard for the hospital rolled up and I explained that we would only be in the lot another 10 minutes or so. He said he didn’t want to run us off because he wanted to see the cars! So he stepped out of his car and wandered around to all the cars. He said they were really nice and wished his son’s could see these cars.

Nine of us left promptly at 8:30 for Columbia, Illinois and arrived about 8:55 am at Immaculate Conception Church. I must say the weather was really nice, but it was a chilly 42 degrees in the morning but everyone was shedding jackets and flannel shirts or sweatshirts by 10:30 am. What a magnificent day it was there. It’s usually cloudy, or overcast with some light rain but not today.

I counted 152 cars & trucks along with 3 tractors but they announced that they had close to 200 cars. I’m not really sure where the rest of the cars were, but I never found them. Anyway, we did meet several members already at the show and a couple more showed up before registration closed.

Members that attended this club event car show were as follows: Syl Biermann – Display, Bill Bauer – 2nd place, Tim Chandler & Andy Doetzel – 2nd place, Bill Hanner (New Club Member), Steve Hendricks – 1st place, Jim Hild – 3rd place, Rich Garavaglia -1st place & son Ryan 2nd place, Paula Goodrich – 2nd place, Terry Koch – 2nd place, Dennis & Deb McBee – 1st place, Rick Miller – 2nd place, Stever Schneider – 1st place, John Saxton, Gary Warneke – 2nd place. It should be noted that Fords Unlimited car club came in 1st place for club participation. Paula Goodrich, as our only Board member, accepted the award for the club.

Once again, our club cars have done very well at this show and I hope that we will continue to attend this event.” Ryan

Knights of Columbus Car Show photo collage

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Fords Unlimited Car Club was formed back in November of 1986. The club has evolved through friendship and camaraderie into a large group of people of all ages, who enjoy getting together to share stories, problems, plans and have fun with their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury products. Sign up if you’re interested in the preservation, history, enjoyment and use of Ford Motor Company as well.

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