Fords Unlimited Car Club

The Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Auto Club of St Louis, Missouri

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JJ’s Restaurant Car Cruise

We finished our monthly club cruises at JJ’s of O’Fallon on September 18th. After our first three cruises were affected by mother nature, it was a great way to end our cruise season. That afternoon we had 18 members cars and 37 members and family. Although it was a little warm for mid September, the shade offered a comfortable setting to end our day. We will start up our cruises again in May. Thanks to all who were able to attend this year.

About the Club

Fords Unlimited Car Club was formed back in November of 1986. The club has evolved through friendship and camaraderie into a large group of people of all ages, who enjoy getting together to share stories, problems, plans and have fun with their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury products. Sign up if you’re interested in the preservation, history, enjoyment and use of Ford Motor Company as well.

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